ME101 - Dynamics - San Jose State University - Fall 2013

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All course content and discussions will occur through Canvas.
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Instructor: Adam Leeper
Meeting Times: Mondays and Wednesdays, 4:30-5:45, Industrial Studies 113.
Prerequisites: CE 95 or 99; and MATH 32. Grade of “C-” or better.

Course Description

The formal course description is here.

2D and 3D motion of particles and rigid bodies.
Vectors: Geometry and differentiation.
Kinematics: Position, rotation matrices, linear/angular velocity, linear/angular acceleration.
Mass distribution: Mass, center of mass, moment and products of inertia, inertia dyadics.
Kinetics: Forces, moments, torques, force models (friction, gravity, springs, dampers, air-resistance).
Laws of motion: Newton/Euler equations, angular momentum principle, and impulse-momentum principle. Power, work, potential energy, and conservation of energy.
Computation: Symbolic and numerical solutions of nonlinear algebraic and differential equations governing static and dynamic systems. Demonstrations and physical examples.


Required Textbook

August 2013 edition of Dynamics of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomechanical Systems by Paul Mitiguy
[Info] [Buy Online]

This is the required textbook. All lectures and homework will be drawn from this book. Textbooks will be distributed in class; buy online at the link above and bring the receipt to class.

To get started, a small part of the book is provided below. There is no additional material available online.

Optional Textbook

Dynamics of Particles and Rigid Bodies: A Systematic Approach by Anil Rao. [$50 on Amazon]

This book may be helpful for students who like supplemental reading and more extended text explanations of physical concepts and derivations. While I may sometimes refer to this book for additional reading, it is not required.


Homework exercises will include computation components that will require access to some sort of symbolic and/or numerical software package. The examples in class will use MotionGenesis, a professional software suite that specializes in generating equations of motion, and solving linear and non-linear systems of equations and ODEs .

Please download MotionGenesis and follow the directions for installation.
The software will run in demo mode until you get a license.
You can receive a free 6-month license if you install and register the
software within the first TWO weeks of the semester; after that it will cost $9.
Get familiar with the software by doing this quick tutorial.